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Healthy Today
Delicious Tomorrow

The power we need to live everyday comes from delicious food

The reason for life
being more delicious

We will go one step further for nature-friendly and
beautiful art of taste that reflects people and nature

Brand Story

Discover the taste Journey to find a healthier taste

인간과 자연이 상생하는 조화로운 인본정신을 지향하며
제품을 통해 고객과 사회에 봉사하고 한국전통식품을 계승발전 시켜
식품문화 발전에 기여하고자 합니다.

  • Broth & Soup
  • Noodle
  • Cup-rice
  • Dumpling
Soup and broth, a staple of the Korean table

Hot soup and broth make you breathe a sigh of relief
and they are an essential part of healing for Koreans.

Thick and deep soup and the mouth filling texture.

We are developing noodle dishes with wheat, buckwheat,
potato, and kudzu based on the traditional method
that fit perfectly to the taste of Koreans.
It is a taste that stays in your memory and can be recalled for a long time like the long noodles.

Putting one bowl of rice inside of hot soup

Cup-bob, cup rice, that you can enjoy simply became the everyday food for modern people.
Now even if you are eating a meal with a cup-bob, enjoy it fully with real content in a healthy and abundant way.

Making dumplings with the heart of including luck.

Making dumplings requires a lot of work.
In addition to making the dumpling fillings with various ingredients,
you must also make the dumpling wrapping that covers the filling.
By pouring out sincerity into our taste, we make proper dumplings.

Kuk & Tang Story Brining Korean’s simple
and honest sentiment
to boil

It would be strange not to have soup on the Korean table. From various well boiled ingredients including vegetables, beef leg bones, briskets, meat, and others, the soup brings warm memories and wellness to your heart.

Soup and broth story